Hilma (Leijonakuninkaan Brillian bonus) gave birth two puppies, male and female. Birth doesn´t went so easily, because of big size of the puppies, but Hilma was very gutsy! Father of the puppies is Boldandbrainy Arwens Eldarion "Teo". Both puppies are tan&white coated. Hilma takeing care of her puppies well, she is very diligent and relaxed.

Hilma and her babies 1 day old

Leijonakuninkaan Endless Elixir "Eppu" (Hilma x Wimppa) was in "daycare" at our place.
Justiina and Eppu had so much fun playing together.
Also Eppu´s mom Hilma visited to see us.

Eppu 11 months with Hilma Justiina with Eppu 11 months

15.04.2012 Vaasa INT show
Justiina and Yoda participated Vaasa INT show. Both juniors was very patient to all day long. Both dogs get EXCellent results and placed to secend place.

Yoda (Leijonakuninkaan Conspiracy Code) JUN EXC, junior 2.
Justiina (Leijonakuninkaan Convivial Code) JUN EXC, junior 2, worth of CERT.

Yoda JUN EXC, junior 2. (on the left) Justiina JUN EXC, junior 2, worth of CERT.
Justiina takes it easy between appearances. :)  

Frida (Miimoksen Bis Dat Qui Cito Dat) gave birth 5 beautiful puppies. Four male and one female puppies. Father is Micci (Jackflash Walk Of Fame). Mother and puppies feeling fine.


21.01.2012 Winter Show, Turku KV
Leijonakuninkaan Conspiracy Code "Yoda" PUP 2, HP
Leijonakuninkaan Convivial Code "Justiina" PUP 1, HP, BOB
Leijonakuninkaan Brilliant Bonus "Hilma" OPEN CLASS EXC, BF 4
Achanthus Sunny Delight "Belle" VG

Justiina PUP 1, HP, BOB (left side of picture) Yoda PUP 2, HP

Justiina's (Leijonakuninkaan Convivial Code) first time in showring in Lohja (puppyshow). Result was 2. and HP. So it´s a nice start for her showcareer.


Leijonakuninkaan Brilliant Bonus "Hilma" give birth by c-section, because of the big size puppy. One male puppy was born called "Ecco". The puppy is actual fussy and feeling quite fat. Hilma taking care of him with tender and they both feel fine.


03.07.2011 Karjaa, National Dog Show for all breeds
Leijonakuninkaan Brilliant Bonus "Hilma" was the most beautiful young female.
Result youngster - class EXCELLENT, worth of Certificate.
Karrell Ebony and Ivory "Eeben" was first time in veteran - class. Result VET VG.


30.04.2011 Belle gave birth 4 beautiful puppies! One male and three females.
Everything went guite easily and it taked only a couple of hours.
Belle and puppies are feeling fine. :)

puppies just born

5.2. 2011 Leijonakuninkaan Boss Bonus "Lucky" is getting ready for his first show in spring.
Lucky has become handsome and elegant boy.

23.1. 2011 Leijonakuninkaan Brilliant Bonus "Hilma" was the best junior bitch
in Turku Top Dog Show! Hilma continued her suggesfull day and was also
the secend best of all bitches. Well done Hilma!

23.11.2010 Belle and Eeben has been in eye and knee inspection and both girls are ok! :D

14.08. 2010"Hilma" Leijonakuninkaan Brilliant Bonus started nicely her show career by taken VG
( = very good ) from her first show.

16.07. 20102010 Finally we moved to our own house which we have builded for 3½ years now.

17.09.2009 Belle had her babies, one female and three male puppies.
Unfortunately two of puppies didn´t maked alive.
Those two, which survived, the only female and smallest male puppy,
doing very well. Belle takeing care of her puppies
admirable well. More pictures from puppies own side!

14.08.2009 Today was Belle´s ultrasound and we can expect at least 4 puppies!

15.07. 2009 Belle is mated with Jätkä. More information from Planned Litters pages!

17.5.2009 Groupshow in Salo
Achanthus Sunny Delight "Belle" in the show ring. Result: VG

Belle´s puppy Leijonakuninkaan Amor Acasia "Nano" visit to us one week time visiting. :)

1.3.2009 New homepages is published!