About us

The idea about suitable kennel name became of jackrussell terriers character, which usually have big ego and a nonexistent instinct of self preservation. Under insistent and wild essence jackrussell are also warm-hearted and it enjoys nice home-evenings front of fireplace too, witch for example, makes this race so fascinating. Kennel name "Leijonakuninkaan" became official in 2001, same year, when jackrussell terriers became official race in Finland.

We don`t have primordial kennel. Our dogs are family members and pets to us, not kennel dogs. They are whit us in weekday chores, visiting`s and holidays. Our breeding is small-sized hobby and well considered. Our jackrussell`s are eye- and knee checked as PEVISA demands. (PEVISA is program that resists hereditary flaws and diseases in Finland).Our aspiration is breed healthy, proper and nice natured dog`s which brings a lot of joy to their owners.